Marine Weather

Marine Weather by Bluefin

The #1 Marine Weather app is available on all Android, Blackberry, and Apple devices.

Marine Weather provides users with access to marine forecasts, live buoy data, tides, currents, radar, & sea surface temperatures.

Great for boating, fishing, sailing, and surfing!

Burpee’s Seeds for Schools Program

Burpee’s Seeds for Schools Program

Burpee’s Seeds for Schools program provides FREE seed packets and educational support materials to United States elementary schools once a benefactor or group of benefactors covers the cost of shipping and handling. The 2013 program will include packets of Burpee’s Pike’s Peak sunflower for every studend in a nominated elementary school as well as a complete growing guide for a designated teacher at the school.


The Artimys Guardian Service

The Artimys Guardian Service gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are getting the best possible protection from the dangers of the Internet. Using sophisticated natural language and information processing, the Artimys Guardian Service constantly analyzes your child’s electronic chats to immediately detect the insidious and clever techniques of online sexual predators, bullies and the warning signs of suicide.



A digital content world requires a new toolkit. Build in copyright protection – and much more.

The iCopyright Toolbar adds built-in copyright protection to every article or blog post. When readers click the toolbar, a digital “tag” ensures that your © follows your content across the web.

Burpee’s Backyard

Burpee’s Backyard

More than ever, gardening is about sharing. With family, friends, community. Even a single gardener tending a single potted tomato is part of a larger growing community of people who value a connection to the soil and some moments in the sun. If you’ve ever admired a flower or picked a fresh tomato, you’re part of a shared gardening experience. And this forum is for you.

Momz Club


Momz Club is the best social network connecting moms. Sign up now and start planning your next playdate with moms and their children in your area.

Mommy Help Desk

Mommy Help Desk

Mommy Help Desk is a place to post questions visible to all moms across the country. Do you have questions about your baby’s sleeping habits, breastfeeding, potty training, or any of the millions of concerns among moms? Post them here! Unfortunately children don’t come with a user manual but we can rely on the experience and support of each other to help us along this journey of Motherhood.

Divinity Clergy Wear

Divinity Clothing

Clerial Clothing Company -> Specializes in custom-made Clergy Shirts available in 35 Colors for Men and Women. Suits – Clercial Robes – Dress Clothing – Shirts – Tie Sets – Shoes – Hats – and much MORE!


The beat on the street

Meporter empowers citizen journalists by allowing you to report on hyperlocal news that is directly relevant and important to you and those around you. You are the journalist, reporting on news as it breaks, or checking in as an eyewitness with valuable updates to hyperlocal news stories as they develop in real time!


Directory, Social Networking, Shopping

7Mainstreet is the first company to combine social networking, e-commerce, and comprehensive business listings.

Pride Engineering

Software Application Development

Safeguarding the United States through highly innovative and reliable software engineering solutions.

AFCEA Central Maryland

AFCEA CMD (Non-profit)

AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter (AFCEA-CMD) is a non-profit membership association dedicated to providing an ethical, interactive forum for sharing knowledge and building relationships across government, military, industry and academia.

Chesapeake Bay Soccer

Chesapeake Bay Soccer Academy

Whether you’re aiming for the pros or stepping on the soccer field for the first time, our friendly staff will give you an unforgettable experience! Our coaches have experience from club soccer to high school to the pros, and want to teach you how to maximize your potential.