Marine Weather

Marine Weather by Bluefin

The #1 Marine Weather app is available on all Android, Blackberry, and Apple devices.

Marine Weather provides users with access to marine forecasts, live buoy data, tides, currents, radar, & sea surface temperatures.

Great for boating, fishing, sailing, and surfing!

Momz Club


Momz Club is the best social network connecting moms. Sign up now and start planning your next playdate with moms and their children in your area.

Mommy Help Desk

Mommy Help Desk

Mommy Help Desk is a place to post questions visible to all moms across the country. Do you have questions about your baby’s sleeping habits, breastfeeding, potty training, or any of the millions of concerns among moms? Post them here! Unfortunately children don’t come with a user manual but we can rely on the experience and support of each other to help us along this journey of Motherhood.